The Connect: Bond with something bigger than self.

Just one disclaimer: It’s not necessary to find connection with God, or to mother nature or miss universe it may be anything, may be a soul in your life, may be an object.. Anything which kinda defies time and is there always to explain any bits and bytes and you are able to relate to this one thing at almost every moment in life. Don’t rush it cause the connection will automatically come in time.

Lord Vitthal Pic at Home.

This is the place I was in at the beginning of the story, here I was describing this deity and how beautifully the artist had made a replica of Lord Vitthal that it looked so original and I kinda don’t have any right to call it a replica cause the devotion put into work is kinda enough to make it original.

Now pay attention folks this is the real part of the story, here my dad told, see son there are only 2 coins at the feet of lord, once your coin makes it to that place then you are a good _______.
Blank because, I don’t remember exactly what he said, maybe a good being, a good superhero, a good soul. Whatever it may be, you may fill the blank what you like. For me I will choose to be a good being.

N From a small age I had a challenge accepting brain, so I accepted the challenge of my father to throw a coin right at the feet of the deity, but somewhere my guts told me to do this challenge with true heart to win this. So here I was with my closed eyes, oh wait before that let me tell you ki Papa n my small brother missed the target. Now coming to my turn, I closed my eyes and took the name of Lord Vitthal and said Jay Shree Pandurangaye Namaha, Kinda a small call to Lord Vitthal, and threw the coin.

Sankyu(Thanks) For Reading
Yours Sharer Yuvraj.



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